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Provide Fiscal Discipline and Protect Taxpayers from Governor Wolf’s Tax and Spend Policies

  • Ever since being elected, Governor Wolf has been demanding over $12 BILLION in new tax revenue by increasing in the Personal Income Tax and Sales Tax. I pledge to stand up to Governor Wolf and his tax and spend policies by looking to cut wasteful state spending and rein in out of control program costs.

  • We cannot tax and spend our way to prosperity and we do not need budgets that grossly out spend the rate of inflation. The state needs to spend what the taxpayers can afford and not a penny more. 


Public Employee Pension Reform

  • As the main cost driver for both state and local budgets, escalating pension costs need to be reformed in a manner that protects the taxpayer from these ever increasing costs. The status quo will simply not suffice.

  • Public employee retirement needs to be brought into the 21st century by placing future employees in a 401(k) style retirement plan that both the employee and employer contribute. This simple change removes the risk for the taxpayer and establishes a system that enables local and state governments to budget with more predictable and accurate figures.


Business Crippling Regulations

  • Every year the state proposes and enacts regulations that increase the cost of doing business in Pennsylvania. Whether it is increasing licensing fees or creating more bureaucratic red tape for businesses, the state is playing an ever increasing role in how businesses operate.

  • Having operated and grown a small business, I have the first hand knowledge to challenge unnecessary regulation and fight for the job creators in the 92nd District.  


Local Control of Education

  • No one knows how to educate our children better than the parents and teachers who see our students every day.  The power to develop student curriculum and tests needs to stay at the local level and not pushed down from the state and federal government.

  • The parents in our school districts know what is best for their children and do not need directives from the state and federal government.  The interference of both state and federal government has siphoned away most of our local control in education; stripping us of our rights. The education of our children is not “a one size fits all,” and we need to put parents back into the driver’s seat of their children’s education.





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